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Imaging Systems Inc. provides many customer services for our friends and associates.

We are an authorized service location for the Canon products we market.

Our staff is composed of tenured employees who have earned their certifications as qualified professional technicians. Each technician is enrolled in Canon's Association of Technical Service Professionals.

Our company has grown on our ability to deliver our technical services in a manner that meets customers' expectations. Our technical competencies allow us to offer the highest level of service and the most economical service in our market. The ability of our staff to service office equipment is best measured by our customer's responses. Referrals are available to prospective customers.


Kathryn | Support Coordinator

Phone: (423) 230-2400
Fax: (423) 245-8150


John | President

Phone: (423) 230-2412
Fax: (423) 245-8150


Jonathan | Business Systems Analyst

Jonathan handles the Johnson City, Elizabethton, and Erwin territory.
Phone: (423) 230-2411
Fax: (423) 245-8150

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Cameron | Business Systems Analyst

Phone: (423) 230-2409
Fax: (423) 245-8150


Leslie | Office Manager

Phone: (423) 230-2405
Fax: (423) 245-8150


Eric | Director of Sales

Phone: (423) 230-2415
Fax: (423) 245-8150

anne marie

Anne Marie | Business Systems Analyst

Phone: (423) 230-2410
Fax: (423) 245-8150


Shawn | Business Systems Analyst

Phone: (423) 230-2414
Fax: (423) 245-8150


Craig | Service Coordinator

Office: (423) 230-2413
Fax: (423) 245-3526


Jeffrey | Systems Engineer

Office: (423) 230-2401  
Fax: (423) 245-8150


Keith | Service Technician

Office: (423) 245-5171  
Fax: (423) 245-3526


Brad | Service Technician

Office:  (423) 245-5171  
Fax: (423) 245-3526


Wayne | Service Manager

Office: (423) 230-2406
Fax: (423) 245-3526

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Wesley | Service Technician

Office: (423) 245-5171  
Fax: (423) 245-3526

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Robert | Service Technician

Office:  (423) 245-5171  
Fax: (423) 245-3526


Stacy Burnette

Healthcare Account & Purchasing Supervisor

Our copier contract recently came up for renewal. Kingsport Imaging represented one of the three different companies we requested a presentation and on-site demonstration of their products. After testing all three companies’ machines we started the bidding process. After extensive research on the three brands of copiers considered, the Canon solution and Kingsport Imaging was the best choice for our company. Kingsport Imaging Systems, Inc. made sure they had a very good understanding of our company’s needs for copier/fax and printing. They proposed combining our fax/copy/print into one multi-function device. Eliminating fax machines and several printers has been very cost effective. We had been with our previous copier company for the last 18 years.

J. Richard Carroll


Kingsport Imaging Systems has proven to be an asset to our school. Their service team works diligently to make sure our equipment stays up and running by assuring quick response times, quick diagnosis, and prompt solutions to our service needs. We are 100% satisfied with Kingsport Imaging Systems’ products and services.

Anthony K. Street


Kingsport Imaging systems, Inc. listened to our concerns and proposed two quality products. We were looking for a color device that would save in time and outside expense. We look forward to our in-house printing solution that will now produce quality color brochures and the opportunity for cost savings this offers to our firm. Kingsport Imaging Systems, Inc. has proven past and present to offer excellent products and service to expand our professional services.


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