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Kingsport Imaging Systems, Inc. is an independently owned company, marketing office equipment as an authorized dealer for Canon USA, Inc.  Our location in Kingsport, Tennessee, has been our business home for 90+ years.

Check us out! Every view looks good. As the technologies we market and service have evolved to the "digital world" of today, our company has also evolved from a "sleepy" office supply store to an award-winning marketing and service representative with Canon.

Our reward is the enviable position of having the ability and resources to deliver a high degree of professional and technical service to our customers without the trappings commonly associated with large corporate organizations.

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Under Canon's environmental vision "Action for Green," we aim to cultivate a society that achieves harmony between a Prosperous Lifestyle and a Healthy Environment. Toward this end, we are developing highly functional products that have a reduced environmental impact at every stage of the product lifecycle. As one example, our Environmental Frontrunner Project, which focuses on developing eco-friendly products, is supported by the Canon Group and our business partners. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE Series of networked office multifunction printers represent the results of this initiative. These products incorporate an array of eco-friendly technologies.

Kingsport Imaging Systems consistently seeks ways to improve its environmental performance. Throughout the company, there is a strong commitment to a blance between economic success and respect for the environment. We are guided by a core corporate philosopy affirming a continued commitment to environmental improvement.


> LCA Concsicous Design

We estimate that the CO2 emmissions attributable to each stage from raw material procurement to the customer's final disposal of a used product. Our reduction target is up to 50% of the total.

on demand fixing tech

> On-Demand Fixing Technology

Power consumption has been reduced by 70% thanks to Canon's unique on-demand fixing technology, which heats the fixing element only during printing, and reduces power consumption by 70%.

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> Bio-Based Plastic

A plant-derived bio-based plastic is used for exterior parts in which high flame resistance is necessary. CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process have been reduced by about 20%.

green 4

> Recycled Plastic

100% of the plastic recovered from customers is used as a raw material. This recycled plastic is equivalent to new plastic in terms of performance.

lead free

> Lead-Free

We responded quickly in order to comply with the EU ROHS Directive, the European restrictions of hazardous substances. We also exceeded legal requirements by eliminating the use of lead.


Stacy Burnette

Healthcare Account & Purchasing Supervisor

Our copier contract recently came up for renewal. Kingsport Imaging represented one of the three different companies we requested a presentation and on-site demonstration of their products. After testing all three companies’ machines we started the bidding process. After extensive research on the three brands of copiers considered, the Canon solution and Kingsport Imaging was the best choice for our company. Kingsport Imaging Systems, Inc. made sure they had a very good understanding of our company’s needs for copier/fax and printing. They proposed combining our fax/copy/print into one multi-function device. Eliminating fax machines and several printers has been very cost effective. We had been with our previous copier company for the last 18 years.

J. Richard Carroll


Kingsport Imaging Systems has proven to be an asset to our school. Their service team works diligently to make sure our equipment stays up and running by assuring quick response times, quick diagnosis, and prompt solutions to our service needs. We are 100% satisfied with Kingsport Imaging Systems’ products and services.

Anthony K. Street


Kingsport Imaging systems, Inc. listened to our concerns and proposed two quality products. We were looking for a color device that would save in time and outside expense. We look forward to our in-house printing solution that will now produce quality color brochures and the opportunity for cost savings this offers to our firm. Kingsport Imaging Systems, Inc. has proven past and present to offer excellent products and service to expand our professional services.


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Our fast-paced, progressive company is currently seeking energetic professionals who share in our philosophy. We offer you the challenge of joining a fast-growing company marketing leading-edge office technologies while representing the major industry manufacturers.


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